Da MouthWasher

The ultimate stress reliever?

This is not your mama's app. Da MouthWasher app may just be the ultimate stress relief app ever. Da MouthWasher allows you to express all your foul-mouthed thoughts and cleans them with innocuous alternatives to hilarious effect. For example, "go to H*ll you aggressive b*st*rd!" becomes "go to Quebec you aggressive Oscar winner!"... and that's us being nice! You can post the G-rated message on Facebook or Twitter or send it to a friend for a good laugh. Since Da MouthWasher is on your phone, you can amuse yourself for hours without offending anyone. And when you are out with your friends, pass Da MouthWasher around for a good laugh all around.

Da MouthWasher is available for iPhones, iPads and Androids. Download today from iTunes or Google Play store.

Da Tips

  • Type in a dirty line from a famous movie and post your results to our Twitter feed.
  • Speak or shout your R-rated message via the microphone feature on your phone. Make sure no one is nearby.
  • Send the G-rated message to your buddies to see if they can guess your R-rated message.
  • You can copy/paste your initial message to clipboard memory and re-paste it to see different MouthWasher responses quickly.




Download Da MouthWasher today for only .99 cents!

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Current version of Da MouthWasher is v1.1

"Top 3 apps worth downloading" - Yahoo, January 2013

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